The Davis Brothers to Play w/Honky Tonk Men on 6-30 & 7-3

Two special shows!
SPECIAL – Edmond's own The Davis Brothers will play two special shows in the next week with the Honky Tonk Men.

The first show is on Saturday, June 30th at Oklahoma City club The Blue Note. The Davis Brothers will play an opening set at 9P.

The second show is the swinginest, twanginest show in 2007...The Tribute to Johnny Horton at Will Rogers Theatre. For more info check out our Shows page. The Davis Brothers encourage everyone to come out and enjoy these great shows.

Acclaimed Folkabilly Duo The Davis Brothers Releases New Album;

“Roots” Order Your Copy Today
SPECIAL – Three years can be an eternity in the life of a traveling singer/songwriter. A hundred one night shows, new love, old love, loss, joy, sorrow – life lessons that make The Davis Brothers new album “Roots” a compelling continuation in the saga of this acclaimed Oklahoma folkabilly duo.

Roots – a double album’s worth of original songs written by The Davis Brothers – is being shipped to Americana radio today.

For this album, their third independent, The Davis Brothers pay homage to a fierce independent spirit that has been handed down in their family for generations – beginning with a great-great-great grandfather (pictured on the CD) who was an Indian chief known for always keeping one hand on the revolver hidden in his coat.

Raised in the rolling hills of northeastern Oklahoma, Roots is a showcase of The Davis Brothers’ songwriting and original folkabilly sound that has won the duo the respect of audiences and peers throughout the United States. Most of all, Roots is a nod to musical independence.

“The first time we stepped on stage and did an original song, we knew we had something,” says Craig Davis. “It’s like the audience was hungry for something missing in mainstream music.”

From up-tempo western-shuffle numbers to straight ahead folk tunes, rollicking country songs and ballads, The Davis Brothers are perhaps the next great undiscovered duo in Americana music. They have built on previous recording efforts to craft an original feel and sound on songs that draw the listener into the story.

A special dedication of the album pays homage to the brothers’ musical influence of artists who “colored outside the lines,” including Bob Dylan, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Tom T. Hall, Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams.

“We took a step back and asked ourselves what we thought we brought to the table musically. Every time it just seemed like our originality is what set us apart,” says Chris Davis. “So we said, okay, we may never sell a million records but we’ll make music our own way, on our own terms.”

The result has been a steady stream of appearances in coffee houses, concert halls, clubs and festivals both regionally and nationally, culminating in a 2003 appearance on the historic Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree – the 2nd longest running radio program in the world that follows the legendary Grand Ole Opry on WSM radio and is broadcast world-wide on Sirius Satellite Radio and the Internet.

“The night we were on the Jamboree, oh man, that was heady stuff,” Craig says. “Here we were about to sing on a program that Elvis went on after he’d failed on the Opry and been told to go back to driving a truck. And Tubb gave him a second chance. And when we went on stage, I just kept hearing Ernest Tubb tell Johnny Cash not to ever let anybody change who he was and to be different. It was like Tubb was standing right there next to me.”

Both songs performed on the Jamboree that night by The Davis Brothers, We Hurt and Jessica’s Song are included on Roots.

“We’d been trying to get back into the studio for at least two years,” Chris says. “But one thing or another just always seemed to put the project on the back burner. When we ended up doing an entire two hour show full of original songs that had never been recorded we knew the time had come for a new album.”

As it turned out, the real challenge came when The Davis Brothers had to narrow the list of songs to record.

“We went into the studio (The Academy of Recording Arts in Oklahoma City) intending to record 10, maybe 12 songs. After the first session everything just felt so good we ended up scheduling two more sessions and before long we had enough done for two albums,” Craig said. “So we started listening to the rough mix and we decided we wanted all the songs to be heard so that’s how we ended up with the Roots album.”

The brothers hope the new project will catch the attention of not only the a wider audience but also the ear of publishers, record labels and other singers.

“Yes we love performing -- there’s nothing better than the instant reaction of a live audience,” said Chris. “But we’re songwriters at heart and we’d be more than happy for an established singer to discover our songs and want to record them. That would be ultimate validation.”

In the meantime, The Davis Brothers are planning to tour anywhere and everywhere possible to promote Roots, expand their online marketing efforts and of course they’ll keep on writing.

“We’ll be launching a new website and working to take the music to audiences directly,” Craig said. “We’ll also be mounting a grass roots campaign to recruit more members to our fan club and have a representative in all 50 states by this time next year. We’ll keep making music our own way, even if we have to take it to the masses one person at a time and sell the album out of the back of our car.”

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